What is a board game cafe?

The concept builds on a classic idea- bring together coffee and games and let people eat, drink, and play. Such establishments are probably as old as board games themselves, which date back to the Egyptian game Senet 6000 years ago.

But the modern version provides hundreds of games available for play from a library, at a low fee. We’ve pioneered this model in Manhattan, and have grown rapidly to offer the largest library on the East Coast of the USA. Instead of charging per hour, there’s a simple per-person flat fee that allows access to 1000+ games.

Plus, free wi-fi, outlets, and beer/wine!

Do you sell games? Magic: The Gathering products?

We are one of the largest game stores in Manhattan and strive to carry most popular in-print titles. We do not generally have out-of-print or rare items.

We also carry quite a few exclusives- we’re an authorized Cards Against Humanity dealer, and the only retailer where you can find some Kickstarter indie successes.

The Uncommons is a Wizards Advanced store, supporting a wide range of Magic: The Gathering events, from PPTQs to GPTs, Pre-releases, and Game Days. We carry current block sets, as well as select out-of-print sets from 2013 and newer. We do not sell singles at the moment.

We do not carry Games Workshop items (Warhammer 40K) or most miniatures.

Can I bring in my own beer? Outside food? Special cakes? Catering?

The Uncommons offers a pretty wide-ranging beer selection, featuring 30+ rotating bottles of lambic, cider, ginger beer, shandy, ales, lagers, porters, stouts, and of course IPAs. We also offer a house red, rose and white wine by the glass, and often sparkling wine/prosecco.

For those wishing to bring in something special, we do charge a corkage fee of $10.

We do not generally permit outside food or drinks, but do make exceptions for allergies or other dietary concerns, including kosher items. For parties, we are happy to allow outside cakes, and can supply plates and silverware with a $1 per person cake cutting fee. Finally, outside catering is available, and we can help supply just about any desired cuisine.

What games do you have? Can I bring my own?

We have most all of the classics available for play, and hundreds more to choose from too. You can browse much of our collection here. but we add new games fast enough that we no longer have a complete up-to-date list. We specialize in recent and indie titles, and have plenty of party, Euro, strategy, family-friendly and co-operative games too.

You can definitely bring your own games, but we do charge the gaming fee.

Can I rent a game and take it home?

At this time, The Uncommons cannot permit games to be removed from the store. The problem is the sheer amount of time necessary to inventory the various pieces- some games can take 30 minutes to check through, which we try to do regularly.

Do you take reservations? Host parties or corporate events?

We’ve hosted birthday parties, bachelor parties, engagement events, and corporate showcases. Just get in touch via this form with some information and we’ll get back to you ASAP, or check out our Party page for details.

Note that we generally cannot accept bookings for groups smaller than 5, though do make exceptions on occasion.

Are you child-friendly?

Absolutely! We do ask that minors under the age of 14 remain accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Do you buy games? Or accept donations?

The Uncommons generally does not purchase games, including vintage titles. We may be able to help find a buyer, but generally sites like eBay are a better bet!

We gladly accept donations though, and will often show our gratitude with a free cup of coffee or waived gameplay fees.

What is your favorite game?

This is a great question, but hard to answer- since it depends on who we’re playing with! Some games you should definitely try include: Settlers of Catan, Cards Against Humanity, Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Star Realms, Pandemic, Hive, and Resistance: Coup.

Do I need to bring other people? Can I meet new gamers?

We host regular events and tournaments, where you don’t need to bring anything or anyone else. The best nights to try new games and meet new tabletop fans are Wednesday and Thursday nights, though be sure to check our calendar for other options (like indie designer demos, showcases, Tabletop Day, and launch parties).

Can you sell my game/product/support my Kickstarter?

Quite possibly! We love working with small, local, and independent businesses and individuals, whether you’re a designer or a baker with the best new pastry.

We always accept donations for our game library, and regularly devote shelf space to indie games. We also welcome playtests and demos!

The Uncommons was funded in part via Kickstarter, and we love supporting crowd-funding efforts. Get in touch and we’ll set what we can do!

Do you offer giftcards?

Absolutely! You can purchase physical gift cards in-store, or visit this link to purchase an electronic giftcard in any denomination.

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