We take fun seriously

There are game stores and there are coffee shops. We thought: why not combine the two, with a twist. Hence, a board game cafe, with seating for 65, a private room for parties, and plenty of food and drink options. We take our coffee- and beer- seriously too.

The basic concept isn’t brand new- we’ve all wanted to play a quick game of Scrabble while relaxing and enjoying a latte. But with The Uncommons, we wanted to push further, offering a home for tabletop games of all sorts. And we’re proud to have one of the largest library of games on the East Coast.

Whether you’re a diehard geek or just want some family fun, The Uncommons is the perfect place to chill for an hour (or three)!

board and brew

Classics are just the beginning

Sure, we have Monopoly, Checkers, Backgammon, and Risk- but we also have games you’ve never heard of, and a few you’ve always wanted to try.

We collect the latest and greatest new games, find independent designers, and make them all available for play.

It’s only $10 per person ($8 for students on Mon-Thurs), with a three-hour limit during peak periods.

Catan? Cards Against Humanity?

We have them both, for sale and to play in-store. The expansions too! Looking for a gift? Look no further- we offer everything from puzzles to collectible card games, Magic: The Gathering sets and games you can’t find anywhere else. Take a look around to the left, or check out our FAQ!

And we’re open all day, 363 days a year (closed only on Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays).

The Uncommons is proudly located in the center of Greenwich Village, in a historical building, right on the NYU campus, a block from Washington Square Park.