4th Corner


As the maze expands, can you be the first to reach the exit? Players start in the middle of a maze. Every turn a player picks a tile and connects it with the tiles already on the table and then moves his/her pawn if desired or possible. Players attempt to keep their paths open and to block or trap their opponents with strategic placement of the wall tiles. After the fourth exterior corner tile has been placed, tiles may be replaced as well as placed, and the exit tile is shuffled into the draw pile. The first player to the exit tile when it appears scores zero points. Every other player gets points depending on how far their pawn is when the exit is reached by anyone. The fewest points after a number of rounds is the winner.

The only board game to receive the Top Toy 2008 award from Toy Directory Monthly! (See link below)

Note: If playing with only two players, try giving each player two pawns to move.

Received award for Best Vacation Toys 2009 from Dr. Toy.

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